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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The European Giants Real Madrid and Manchester United

Tonight we shall see the clash of the titans, the match of the century between Real Madrid and Manchester United. Rain or shine we know that the match will be full throttle, bringing out the best football we have ever seen.
Let`s face the facts- Real is in a bitter situation as even their manager admits that the title in Spain is lost long ago. Manchester United is in better position as the team leads in Premiership with more than 10 points clear. But this match is different, as we have seen a lot of surprises, even in the last year Champions League race when Chelsea came out of nothing to claim their first European Champions League. The match has a different attitude and we may say that both teams know each other very well, as Jose Mourinho coached Chelsea for some time and Ronaldo was one of the biggest stars in United. Precisely, Ronaldo has started his remarkable career in Manchester United and some sources say that he wants to be back at Old Trafford soon. Well, he will be back but as a leader of the visiting team as Real Madrid play with Manchester United second leg of their spectacular two-leg rivalry.
Probably the match in Madrid will be left undecided, as both teams will leave all for the second leg. It`s most likely that both teams will score a goal in opponent`s post. But the pressure is on Real Madrid, as their fans want nothing less than a Champion League title. Jose and Ronaldo insinuated that they are on their way out of Santiago Bernabeu. So this is like now or never thing for Real. It`s almost the same with Manchester, as Sir Alex will retire soon and he wants to end his career with triumphs. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Headed for Doom

English clubs are much different than the teams, played in the past. English soccer is well-known for its unpredictability and fast pace. The tournaments in the Albion attract millions of fans worldwide for their old-fashioned and stylish performances. Performances made on pitches hundred years old and fans devoted even to their average or small clubs. The biggest surprises in the history of football happen in the English tournaments. Football fans know very well that FA Cup is the oldest soccer tournament in the world. It is not a big surprise if a lower-class football clubs wins against the favorites in England.
The biggest surprise this week (and not only this week) in England is Arsenal`s defeat against Bradford in the quarter-final match for so called `Capital One Cup`. Well, it is kind of a surprise for many fans but for most of the people it is something usual for English soccer. Let`s face the facts- Arsenal is a major English team with aspirations in Champions League and Premier League. Bradford is a team playing in the fourth division of  English soccer. Arsene Wenger is well-known and respected football manager worldwide while Phil Parkinson is well-known in… Bradford. Almost all the players from Bradford are on loan or free agents. The club spent 7500 pounds to sign James Hanson as a Bradford player. Comparing the both sides we can easily see the vast difference between the multimillion Wenger`s squad and Parkinson`s boys.
The biggest shame for Arsenal comes from the fact that London team played with its main squad. Wenger showed he wanted badly another final in this tournament after last year`s fiasco. Arsenal played in the same level, with defensive errors and many missed opportunities in front of the goal. Bradford had better tactics and deserved their 15 minutes of fame.

Hazardous Eden

In order to complete stronger team and to compete for the major tournaments Chelsea made some significant transfers this year. One of the most promising transfers is Eden Hazard`s from French Lille`s. The player made it very clear that he won`t be another average foreigner in Premier League. By the way the foreign players in English championship are the salt and pepper in every match. Hazard is very promising Belgian youngster and the first matches with Chelsea made him famous not only at Stamford Bridge. Hazard`s technique and speed are very important for Chelsea`s midfield ball possession.
Many people, especially those who do not follow the French Championship doubted Hazard`s ability to adapt to faster and stronger soccer as the English one. Arsenal`s history of signing French players is very popular among the English fans and specialists. Some of the Arsenal players failed to impress the English audience through the years, and the main reason could be lack of enough physical ability to withstand the great challenge called Premier League.
Eden Hazard enjoyed his first months at Stamford Bridge with some magical performances and goals, making his way to the `blue hearts` of Chelsea fans. 40 million worth and fans say he deserves each penny from his salary. As the season was going by, Chelsea made some poor performances, mostly in Champions League. Hazard has lost some of his magical touch and thus whole team suffers from his weakness. Now the `blues` need some patience in order to keep their scoring records in the English Premiership.
Hazard is the newest and shiniest star in the Chelsea squad. No one could deny his value and scoring appetite. Chelsea declared in the beginning of this season that they are trying to build new team. Hazard is a good start in this direction.